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Managed Security Services

“Our new model SOC layout reflects the deep and unique cultural hierarchies and cultural laws of the First Nations Peoples, as well as opening the door to more equal representation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the industry.” 

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Jack Reis, Co-founder and Group CEO, Baidam

Our SOC co-design story

Co-design is one of the key pillars of our Security Operations Centre (SOC) and reflects three main design principles: Knowledge | Adaptiveness | Awareness


We foster a knowledge transfer and learning circle methodology in the standard operations of the SOC (commonly referred to as training or knowledge management).


We apply traditional cultural skillsets to a modern cyber security environment to adapt and respond with agility to a constantly changing threat landscape.


An impressive and imperative cultural skillset (known in the industry as situational awareness) is directly applied to many aspects of our modern-day cyber security services.  

The result?

Our SOC team culture is supportive, has excellent leadership, evolves with the threat landscape, and constantly matures.

We encourage our team members to grow into more specialist or senior roles. Or if they prefer to take what they have learned to further their careers outside of Baidam, then we see their success as a win for all of us.

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Fraudulent Domain Takedown as a Service

When it comes to your website domain, your customers, partners, and employees shouldn’t have to play ‘spot the difference.’ But increasingly, they do – and fail.

Lookalike websites and domains are on the rise, and deception strategies – designed to fool even the most alert – have grown increasingly complex.

Large or well-known organisations like retailers, banks, telcos, and utility providers are popular (but by no means exclusive) targets. But it’s not just your customers who fall prey to fraud. Despite the best cyber awareness training, it can be difficult for even your employees to identify when a suspect domain mimics one they know and trust. They can unwittingly provide cybercriminals with open-door access to your systems and data.

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SIEM as a Service

First Nations People use an array of tools to undertake their daily tasks and cultural chronicles. Each tool is essential to the enrichment and protection of the community.

Similarly, our SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform is designed to protect your community.

Baidam’s SIEM-as-a-Service centralises your threat collection, detection, real-time response, and investigation efforts. The platform constantly collects and analyses data relating to the security of your network, so every hour of the day, you’ll have easy access to a complete, accurate and real-time record of everything happening in your IT environment. So, you can respond to potential threats with speed and confidence.

Running your own SIEM is capital intensive, complex to maintain, and requires IT staff with specialist cybersecurity skills. Our service eliminates these issues by cost-effectively delivering a high level of visibility into your environment, enabling rapid response through risk-based prioritisation, and providing multi-audience reporting.

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Vulnerability Management as a Service

Timing and keen powers of observation are everything. First Nations People are excellent at identifying vulnerabilities over our vast lands and waters, and recognising when even the smallest changes indicate it’s time to hunt, or to stay away from the water.

We apply this same approach to Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service (VMaaS).

VMaaS constantly scans the threat landscape to define when your organisation should deploy emergency patches or leave patching to the next cycle. We intelligently triage any identified emerging and residual threats using people (yes, real people) and technology, so your organisation is always equipped with the security posture intelligence you need to avoid danger.

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End-point detection 

Endpoint Security is a group effort. However, it is no small undertaking, and it’s not uncommon for your operational teams to feel overwhelmed with information from the security platform.

First Nations People are family and community-focused and face and solve problems together. When you are part of the Baidam community, we don’t expect you to go it alone either. We take a consultative approach to architecting, building, and deploying a solid endpoint security offering aligned to your environment.

With our service in place, you can offload the manual tasks associated with endpoint security to us. We align industry and vendor best practices across your entire fleet and use AI smarts for threat detection and response. No device is left unprotected, so your team can work from anywhere and at any time with confidence.

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Incident response services 

For First Nations People, maintaining visibility and intelligence across the landscape is essential for community safety.

Likewise, recognising and responding to data breaches and cyberattacks around the clock is essential to protect your organisation. But we know finding enough skilled resources to provide a round-the-clock service can be tough.

We always have your back. Our 24/7 incident response services enable us to quickly identify an attack, minimise the fallout, contain the damage, and remediate the cause to reduce the risk of it happening again. As well as tackling day-to-day issues, our incident response services are designed to improve your ability to Prepare, Detect, Contain, Eradicate and Recover in the event of a cyber incident.

You can choose from a range of Incident Response packages which offer value and customised coverage.

Our approach includes working together to develop an ongoing Incident Response Program and establish appropriate training to uplift your current capacity to meet your targeted future state.

Please get in touch with us if you'd like to know more about our SOC services.

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